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Agile, Agile at Scale, LeSS

LeSS Collaboration is More: Skip the Scrum of Scrums

In a recent Overall Retrospective that I facilitated, the team decided to nix the Scrum...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Best Practices

Agile Transformation – Top Down vs. Bottom Up

When beginning an Agile transformation, where should one start? Is it as simple as getting...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Change Management

Executive Storytelling, a Component of Large Scale Transformation

I frequently work with executives on their Agile Transformation efforts and one thing is certain,...

Agile, Agile at Scale, LeSS

How to Create a System Model

In my previous blog, I explained why learning about system models (also known as causal...

Agile at Scale, LeSS, Scrum, Training

How System Models Can Help Your Organization Optimize for the Whole

One of the primary themes during the Certified LeSS Practitioner course I attended last year...

Agile at Scale, LeSS, Scrum

If LeSS is Already Large-Scale Scrum, What’s LeSS Huge?

One of the first things I discovered while attending Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) training  is that...

Agile at Scale, LeSS, Scrum, Training

More with LeSS – 5 Takeaways from Certified LeSS Practitioner Training

In December, I had the opportunity to attend the Certified LeSS Practitioner course in New...

Agile at Scale, Culture, SAFe, Scrum

Is a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Right For Us?

Two years ago I became a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Program Consultant (SPC). Although most...