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Agile, Automated Testing, Training

How to Develop an Agile Testing Mindset and Automate Everything

Would you like to build a product with very few defects? Would you like to...

Automated Testing, Data Analysis, data integration

Agile Data Conversion: 5 Keys to Success

Imagine that you are a Product Owner on the replacement of a legacy operations system...

Automated Testing, Best Practices

Automated Testing for Product Development

“I’m a project manager. Why do I need to know about automated acceptance testing? Isn’t...

Automated Testing, Best Practices, Federal, Open Source, Software Development

What is the Digital Services Playbook?

Earlier this year, the U.S. Digital Services created the Digital Services Playbook – the “what”...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, Continuous Integration, DevOps

What Are The Hurdles To Implementing Continuous Delivery In A Large Enterprise?

I am constantly recommending that the project and development teams I support implement continuous delivery...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, DevOps, Software Development

What Is Continuous Integration?

So, your technical lead just asked you to adopt continuous integration and you’re looking to...

Automated Testing, Best Practices, Software Development

Why Is Unit Testing Important?

The other day I was talking with a client and they asked me the following...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, Continuous Integration, Software Development

What Are The Best Software Engineering Practices?

Clients often come to us asking how to improve their software engineering. They want to...