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Insights / Digital Service Delivery / USAJOBS: Using Analytics to Improve Testing Strategies

September 16, 2016

USAJOBS: Using Analytics to Improve Testing Strategies

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The USAJOBS Program Management Office understands that better testing leads to a better product for their customers.  The team wondered how to collect the most practical data on customer behavior to perform the most effective testing. Excellian and OPM PMO Team Member Cory Benavente and OPM Testing Coordinator Dywane Boyd weigh in how the USAJOBS’ team has leveraged DAP (Digital Analytics Program, the Federal Government’s Google Analytics license) to collect data about customer behavior and create testing scenarios that mimic actual site usage, giving the team thorough, useful input to inform development.

To read more about how USAJOBS is using analytics to conduct better testing click here.

Full link:

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