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Insights / Agile Training / What are ICP-TST and ICP-ATA? An Interview with Sean Killeen and Noura Saad on Agile Testing

November 27, 2017

What are ICP-TST and ICP-ATA? An Interview with Sean Killeen and Noura Saad on Agile Testing

5 mins read

Sean Killeen and Noura Saad, both Senior Consultants at Excella Consulting, are ICAgile authorized trainers for the Agile Testing track. Here they talk about the value of the Agile Testing (ICP-TST) and Agile Test Automation (ICP-ATA) certifications and how to become a certified trainer.

What are ICP-TST and ICP-ATA?

Sean: ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Testing (TST) and Agile Test Automation (ATA) are two certifications offered by ICAgile. ICAgile helps people, teams, and organizations “become Agile”. Part of the value of ICAgile as an organization is that it offers lots of paths and opportunities to sharpen your practice and understanding of Agile. Whatever your passion, you can choose to specialize in a wide array of tracks.

Noura: Agile Testing (ICP-TST) and Agile Test Automation (ICP-ATA) are the two certifications on the ICAgile Agile Testing track. Both certifications dig deep into inspecting how Testing is done with an Agile mindset. Agile Testing focuses on the collaboration between the different people on the team, regardless of their expertise (developer, tester…). It covers the different types of testing, and highlights some techniques and process for each of these testing activities. Agile Test Automation examines automation from a tester’s perspective by looking at the overall test automation strategy, understanding the philosophy and execution of tests at all levels of an application, and by digging deep into actually crafting some of those automated tests. We explore how broader tester involvement in things like story creation and acceptance criteria can play a key part in making applications more testable and increasing quality.

Why should one get certified? What values do ICAgile certifications bring to your project team?

Noura: The Agile Testing class equips you with practical tools and techniques which you can start adopting in your project right away and therefore improve the quality of your work. These certifications will give you a professional recognition that you gained thorough knowledge from accredited trainers on recognized and established practices and techniques to testing in an Agile way.

Sean: These two certificates are also the beginning of your ongoing learning journey — they’re a pathway to obtaining the ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Testing recognition. The full process is defined on the ICAgile Expert in Agile Testing page.

How do you become an Authorized Trainer with ICAgile?

Sean: It was challenging – and I dare say, a bit fun! It’s basically a three-step process.

  • First, it starts with Excella becoming an ICAgile Partner. Having that recognition empowers Excella as a leader in providing “an ongoing Agile learning journey” and ICAgile champions.
  • Second, put together the material for the Agile Testing track certifications. We had to develop the material for the training classes to meet the learning objectives provided by ICAgile for both ICP-TST and ICP-ATA certifications. We had some training material we worked on polishing and updating, and we had to develop new material for any gaps we had. Mapping ICAgile learning objectives to the modules in our material and ensuring we have no gaps was a meticulous task!

Noura: Yes, it was quite meticulous, as we wanted to make sure we’re providing the best for our students.

  • Third, Go through an accreditation session. We met with an ICAgile Learning Expert who would review our training material and rate us based on how well the material aligns with ICAgile learning objectives, our knowledge and comfort level with it, and our training skills. Hearing our accreditor describe our work as “brilliant” and declaring us as certified instructors was such a fulfilling feeling!

Sean: I’d like to add that authorized trainers with ICAgile are the only trainers authorized to give ICAgile certifications. Authorized trainers are certified for a specific track or certification(s). So, as we’re Agile Testing trainers, we can only award ICP-TST and ICP-ATA certifications at this time.

What was your favorite thing about becoming a trainer?

Sean: Every time I approach a new training class, I see it as an opportunity not only to dive deep into the coursework but to think about how we teach. Ensuring our material mapped to ICAgile’s learning objectives opened up new ways to think about the concepts we’re already so passionate about, which was a treat for me. In addition, this is the first course I’ve had the opportunity to develop with Noura. Learning from her approach to course design and facilitation helped me put some more tools in my toolbox and appreciate additional perspectives on the material. (I guess I had a lot of favorite things!)

Noura: I agree with Sean, digging deep into Agile Testing practices and techniques was quite rewarding by itself! And when facilitating a training, I find the class interactions and the stories the participants share are really enriching, whether listening to challenges or success stories. Participants always bring an energy to the class that is so gratifying.

If my project is interested in engaging an authorized trainer and in getting ICP-TST and ICP-ATA certifications, where do you go?

Noura: You can search for the listing of training classes available in your areas. Be sure to learn more about ICAgile, its learning roadmap, and the various certifications it offers. This will help you decide on the learning path(s) that best fit you and your team.

Sean: As Excella is an ICAgile partner, our classes will be posted on ICAgile website. You can also find them at Excella’s training website. We hope you’ll join us!

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