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Insights / Digital Service Delivery / Cross Post: Five Tips for Leading a DevOps Transformation in Your Organization

November 03, 2017

Cross Post: Five Tips for Leading a DevOps Transformation in Your Organization

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Adopting new working strategies to produce better results can be challenging for organizations due to a lack of awareness or understanding of DevOps patterns and practices, opposition from thinking rooted in “the old way” of working, and an inability to relate to the perspectives of individuals in different roles and at different levels within the organization.

Although challenging, change is possible. If you want to lead change within your organization and be more successful in your efforts to bring others into the DevOps movement you should:

  1. Understand the perspectives and priorities of the people you’re engaging with
  2. Discover what issues they face and try to relate to the challenges those issues may present
  3. Identify and shift people’s mindset from wanting to control change to embracing change
  4. Develop a plan by assembling appropriate tactics to produce your desired change
  5.  Execute your tactics – start small and build on the successes over time

For more information on leading a DevOps transformation in your organization check out the original post on Xebia Labs, by Jeff Gallimore, Partner and Co-Founder of Excella.

Xebia Labs is a DevOps enterprise geared towards helping large companies produce more reliable software releases at a faster rate. Their DevOps platform is designed to support companies in every step of the software delivery process.  

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