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Insights / Excellian Spotlights / Excella Innovators: Doguhan Uluca

December 20, 2021

Excella Innovators: Doguhan Uluca

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Meet Doguhan

Doguhan Uluca is a Technical Fellow and Managing Consultant at Excella, a best-selling author, and a Google Developer Experts (GDE). Our innovator got his technical start early in middle school with QuickBasic, learned C++ and HTML in high school, and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech. Twenty-five plus years later, he still finds himself deeply engaged with programming.

Doguhan describes the ‘craftsmanship aspect’ of his career as the combination of his technical skills with Agile engineering best practices. This powerful combination creates game-changing products for the end-user. In the 90’s, web development was like the “wild west” for designing or testing new ideas on the nascent Internet. Now that the industry has matured, “there are many platforms and frameworks created to help developers build reliable software and testable software.”  


Developing for Change

During Doguhan’s nine-year tenure at Excella, he has brought his craftsmanship and experience to every project he worked on. Sharing one of his favorite projects at Excella, Doguhan mentions a challenging project with Voice for America (VOA) to create 14 mobile apps in 17 different languages. VOA is the largest U.S. international broadcaster whose mission is “to [provide] comprehensive coverage of the news and tell audiences the truth.” The project was particularly challenging as they had a limited time and a small core team of 2 developers. The team pushed to rapidly develop the applications and internal software needed to manage the apps. He was happy to successfully “create impact by creating the ability to reach populations of people who don’t have free access to news and information due to political and language barriers.” 


Want to work on game-changing products that make a difference? Visit our careers page and browse our open roles.  


Angular for Enterprise

Have you heard of Angular? Angular is a web application framework that helps developers create “efficient and sophisticated single-page apps,” that are testable and scalable across web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Not only does Doguhan enjoy using Angular, but he loves the strong community built around the project. Aside from attending and speaking at conferences about Angular, he is an organizer for the Angular DC meetup. He also regularly attends the monthly meetings with the Angular team at Google as part of the GDE Program and stays ahead of the technology trends. The community there is “extremely friendly and helpful. Meetups and conferences are really engaging because people are open and care about equal access to technology.”  

Doguhan’s love for Angular has led him to publish his best-selling book, Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications. The 900-page 2nd edition contains key software engineering and web development insights that can help programmers conquer web development. Whether you are a novice or professional, it is designed to appeal to everyone. His book “doesn’t just cover Angular; it covers the full gamut of web development.” If you would like to learn more, you can get the first chapter free here.  


Education for All

While Doguhan enjoys programming and development, education is what drives him. He is constantly sharing knowledge in and outside of work, whether it be through talks, podcasts, or workshops. You may recognize his work on our Insights, but he is also active in the development community. Like many of our developers at Excella, he contributes to open-source software with libraries and tools published for JavaScript, Angular, Node, and MongoDB.  

Our innovator fostered community by founding and organizing the Tech Talk DC and Angular DC meetup groups. Each group convenes monthly to share innovative technology, resources, and best practices. One event he is particularly proud of is hosting NG Girls: 

We partnered with NG girls to bring any women developers and IT professionals to help get other women started on their coding journey. I really enjoy the outreach the community does and found that the event aligned with my personal goals and values, namely expanding access to information and education. 


What Developers Need to Know in 2022

Doguhan encourages all developers to learn Typescript in 2022 for its extensive range of benefits. He shares that: 

Typescript is Java Script at scale. Everyone doing web development should be leveraging Typescript, regardless of their platform or framework, because it can save money, time, and resources. For example, Typescript covers Java Script’s feature gaps, but it also offers rich code analysis by allowing you to catch bugs during build time. This is critical as the later you catch bugs, the costlier it becomes.  


Where to Find our Innovator

You can follow our innovator on Twitter and LinkedIn and find more of his work on his GitHub profile.  


Want to join Doguhan and our community of experts? Learn more about innovating at Excella and browse our open roles.  

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