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Insights / Agile Transformation / How Can Agile Marketing Teams Find the Right Coach?

April 13, 2018

How Can Agile Marketing Teams Find the Right Coach?

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Excella and Silverline Communications’ joint blog series, Business Agility: A Marketing Agency’s Transformation continues! In Silverline’s latest post, Founder and President, Laura Taylor, discusses why the right Agile coach made all the difference in her team’s Agile journey.

As a non-IT team, Silverline sought a coach who could translate Lean and Agile principles in a way that made sense to them. Based on her success with Excella Agile Coach, Chris Tomassian, Laura identifies the three key traits Agile Marketing teams should look for in a coach.

Post 3: Finding the Right Sherpa: Why An Agile Coach is Necessary for Success 

If you’ve just joined the series, be sure to catch up on Silverline and Excella’s other posts:

Post 1: How Saying Yes to Agile Changed Our Agency!

Post 2: Expanding Agile Across Your Business.

Post 3: Finding the Right Sherpa: Why an Agile Coach is Necessary for Success.

Post 4: Starting at Silverline: Building the Foundations of an Agile Marketing Team.

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