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Best Practices, Software Development, Technical Debt

Top 4 Symptoms of Bad Code

Bad code tends to creep up on us over and over again. We’ve all been...

Automated Testing, Best Practices

Automated Testing for Product Development

“I’m a project manager. Why do I need to know about automated acceptance testing? Isn’t...

Best Practices, DevOps, Software Development

Defining DevOps on Federal Tech Talk

Chances are if you have been keeping up with the latest tech trends, you have...

Best Practices, DevOps, Software Development

Why Do We Need DevOps Now?

An Interview with Gene Kim, author of “The Phoenix Project” This summer we were very...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, Continuous Integration, DevOps

What Are The Hurdles To Implementing Continuous Delivery In A Large Enterprise?

I am constantly recommending that the project and development teams I support implement continuous delivery...

Agile, Best Practices, Scrum

What Is The Role Of A Manager In An Agile Or Scrum Team?

When making the switch to Agile or Scrum, many people struggle to find their role...

Agile, Agile Requirements, Best Practices, Business Analysis, Developer Tools, Requirements, Software Development

Should I Use A Tool For Agile Requirements Documentation?

Agile requirements documentation can mean different things to different people. Before choosing a tool or...

Automated Testing, Best Practices, Software Development

Why Is Unit Testing Important?

The other day I was talking with a client and they asked me the following...

Agile, Automated Testing, Best Practices, Continuous Integration, Software Development

What Are The Best Software Engineering Practices?

Clients often come to us asking how to improve their software engineering. They want to...