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Agile, CSM, CSPO, Professional Development

Knowing Your CSMs from Your CSPOs

Agile experts think great product owners act as entrepreneurs for their product. Product owners and...

Agile, CSM, Training

5 Ways to Grow Your Skills and Career with the Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Course

ScrumMasters, raise your hand if you play more than one of these roles daily: team...

Agile, CSM, CSPO, Scrum, Training

What is Agile Training (And Is It Worth It)?

The terms Agile and Scrum have been out in the marketplace for several years. Many...

Agile, CSM, CSPO, Training

Should the Product Owner Come From the Client or Vendor?

We often see a scenario where we have vendors/contractors working with a client to deliver...

Agile, Agile Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Change Management, CSM

How to Be an Agile BA

When I started working on my first Agile project in 2008, I remember hearing a...

Agile, CSM, Product Management, Scrum Master

Does Agile Work Beyond Software Development?

If you’re reading anything about business or management lately, you’ve probably seen the word “Agile” popping up...