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What I Learned from Legacy JavaScript

In the JavaScript world of today, getting a front-end application up-and-running has never been simpler....

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Software Development

3 Common Questions for TypeScript Beginners

TypeScript was released in 2014 and is becoming more commonly used every day in the...

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Software Development

The Best New Feature of Angular 4

A team of Excellians recently attended ng-conf 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT, the premiere...

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Node.js

TypeScript vs ES6 vs ES2015

In this article, I’ll be giving you a bit of context on why ES6, ES2015,...

Developer Tools, JavaScript

Preparing to Migrate from Angular 1.x to Angular 2.0

So you’ve heard about the recent Angular 2 beta release and all of the features...

Developer Tools, JavaScript, Node.js, Software Development

2016 Will Be the Year of Node.js (Part 2)

In part 1 of my blog post I’ve reviewed the state of Node.js and the...