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Agile, Lean

Learnings from LeanAgileUS 2018

In February, Julie Wyman and Trent Hone traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL for LeanAgileUS. The...

Agile, Big Data, Lean

Best Tech Events for February 2018

Don’t just solve for today, evolve for tomorrow! Join us for an event to continue...

Agile, Lean

Lean Agile Scotland – Designing the Future

Once again, Lean Agile Scotland was an excellent conference full of thought-provoking ideas and stimulating...

Agile, Kanban, Lean, Scrum

Baby Scrum (Sounds Better than “Lean-Baby-ban”)

Sometimes taking your work home is something we try to avoid. But sometimes it just...

Agile Coaching, Agile Value Tracking, Lean, Lean Discovery

4 Signs You Need Lean Discovery

In a previous post, we defined Lean Discovery as a set of tools and processes...

Lean, Lean Discovery

What is Lean Discovery?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if the product or feature you’re working on really...