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Agile, Lean

Learnings from LeanAgileUS 2018

In February, Julie Wyman and Trent Hone traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL for LeanAgileUS. The...

Agile, Lean

Lean Agile Scotland – Designing the Future

Once again, Lean Agile Scotland was an excellent conference full of thought-provoking ideas and stimulating...

Agile, Kanban, Lean, Scrum

Baby Scrum (Sounds Better than “Lean-Baby-ban”)

Sometimes taking your work home is something we try to avoid. But sometimes it just...

Agile Coaching, Agile Value Tracking, Lean, Lean Discovery

4 Signs You Need Lean Discovery

In a previous post, we defined Lean Discovery as a set of tools and processes...

Lean, Lean Discovery

What is Lean Discovery?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if the product or feature you’re working on really...