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Creating Great Experiences: Five Ways to Enhance Your Customers’ Digital Experience

Organizations often jump to building merely functional products without genuinely understanding why their customers use their product and keep coming back. The site or app may enable the customer to do what they need to do, but the relationship ends there. If the organization doesn’t take the time to understand the “why,” they miss opportunities to create a great digital experience for customers and get a true ROI from their web development efforts. When looking to create a digital product that helps customers move through their site with ease with a goal of achieving ROI and increasing customer loyalty, companies engage design experts that have a user-centered approach.

By creating great digital experiences, you can see measurable ROI such as:

  • Sustained improvements in customer satisfaction, conversion, and loyalty
  • Higher acquisition and retention rates
  • Boosts in user comprehension
  • Increased compliance
  • Lower customer support costs

Have you ever heard, “I hate this site!”? Customers tend to have strong feelings about a site or app’s ease of use and practicality. Conducting user research and usability testing can make sure your product isn’t just built to be functional, but it’s built for your specific customer. Creating an engaging site is only the beginning as companies must evolve that site with customer needs in mind as technology quickly improves along with customer expectations. By understanding the customer’s goals and needs and using our expert’s five keys to creating great digital experiences, your goal of a delightful user experience can be less elusive.

Read this eBook and discover the key design principles that help you satisfy your customer’s goals and needs to create the strong customer relationship that your organization is striving for:

  • Establish Trust and Credibility
  • Reduce Customer Cognitive Load
  • Use the full Spectrum of Engagement Methods
  • Ask for Feedback and Listen

Want to learn more about the benefits of human-centered design? Watch our design expert’s video on Embracing Human-Centered Design to Improve User Experience.

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