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Mathias Eifert


Agile 2017 Key Takeaways

Last week, five of Excella’s Agilists traveled to Orlando, FL for Agile 2017 for a...

Agile, Software Development

Are We There Yet?

Make impact, not software! This title of a 2013 keynote presentation by Gojko Adjic, author...

Agile, Lean Discovery

Using Lean Discovery to Manage the Ultimate Risk: Building the Wrong Thing

In previous posts, I described how Lean Discovery incorporates concepts from Lean Startup and Lean...

Agile Coaching, Agile Value Tracking, Lean, Lean Discovery

4 Signs You Need Lean Discovery

In a previous post, we defined Lean Discovery as a set of tools and processes...

Lean, Lean Discovery

What is Lean Discovery?

Have you ever found yourself wondering if the product or feature you’re working on really...