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Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Tech Tips

Near Real-Time Data Streaming with Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics is Microsoft’s latest addition to its suite of advanced, fully managed, server-less...

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Understanding New AI With Old Math, and Why We Should Care

We’ve seen The Matrix, i,Robot, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator, etc, imagining AI will...

Data Science, Machine Learning

The Biggest Challenge in Data Science

By this point, data science seems ubiquitous and wildly successful. Recommendation engines govern the content...

Data Analysis, Machine Learning

5 Data Trends to Watch in 2018

Along with a New Year come predictions for what’s hot and what’s not. Here’s five...

Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Technical Debt

Does My Model Smell Funny? Top Takeaways from Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems

Sniffing Out Technical Debt in Machine Learning Solutions With the democratization and open-sourcing of machine...

Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Demystifying Neural Networks: the Theory

In my previous post on the Deep Learning Summit in Boston, I discussed Maithra Raghu’s...

Machine Learning

Which One to Choose? Comparing Machine Learning Techniques

Machine learning’s utility in the commercial landscape has been firmly established, and its popularity is...

Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning

Teaching Machines: What is Machine Learning?

Data Science and machine learning have generated a lot of discussion surrounding them in the...

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Rise of the Machines? Four Considerations for the Machine Learning Hopeful

The machine learning sub-discipline of study in Artificial Intelligence has benefited from burgeoning attention in...