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Data Analysis, Visualization

5 Great Data Visualization Libraries

The data visualization community is constantly growing and as a result so is the number...

Data Analysis, data integration

Open Source ETL Tools

Imagine that you have been charged with getting data from multiple sources – a flat...

Data Analysis, Tools

Comparing No-Cost Business Intelligence Tools

Every organization uses data to make informed decisions, but there are many different ways to...

Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Tools

Self-Service or IT Managed BI Tools – What You Need to Know

My non-techie spouse just built his own small business website for a fledgling custom guitar-making...

data integration, Tools

Why Use a Data Integration/ETL Tool?

The process of moving and blending data from multiple sources and turning it into a...

Automated Testing, Data Analysis, data integration

Agile Data Conversion: 5 Keys to Success

Imagine that you are a Product Owner on the replacement of a legacy operations system...

Data Analysis, data integration, Data visualization

Understanding the Data You Have: A Holistic Approach To The Data Life Cycle

When working on data and analytics projects, we’re often asked to manage or present a...

Dashboards, Tableau

Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tableau Dashboard

When designing a dashboard in any business intelligence tool, performance is often the last requirement...

Agile, Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Reporting, Visualization

How To Build A Dashboard Your Customers Will Love

Have you ever seen or built a dashboard that was deemed important for an organization...