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Business Analysis, Data Analysis, Data visualization, IT Modernization

Truck Safety Coalition Uses Data to Push for Safer Roads

Did you know that there were 4,290 large-truck related crashes in 2017? The Truck Safety...

Dashboards, Data, Data visualization

Why No One is Using Your Dashboard

Adapted from a lightning talk presented at MERL Tech 2018 in Washington DC. As a...

Data Analysis, Data visualization

Making Relationships Work for You – Graph Databases and Logistics Operations 

Imagine you are an army mechanic, and you are deployed with resupplying resources days away....

Agile Value Tracking, Data visualization, Scrum

Burndown Chart vs. Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD)

Virtually everyone who has ever been part of a team using Scrum or practicing Agile...

Data Analysis, data integration, Data visualization

Understanding the Data You Have: A Holistic Approach To The Data Life Cycle

When working on data and analytics projects, we’re often asked to manage or present a...