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3 Ways to Scale Your Security Posture with Your Agile Teams

I’ve coached a number of organizations, mostly Federal Government, where securing the application and its...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Agile Requirements, Best Practices, Scaling

3 Keys to Agile Scaling: The View of Our Experts

Scaling, like Agile itself, can become a target objective rather than the means to an...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Project Management, Scaling, UI/UX, User Experience

6 Signs Your Agile Scaling Isn’t Working

In our last post on Agile scaling, we described some signs that indicate you should...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Agile Requirements, Best Practices, Scaling

4 Signs You Are Ready to Scale Agility

You have individual, self-organizing Agile teams and they’re working effectively but struggling in certain areas....

Agile, Agile at Scale, IT Modernization, Scaling

How Do You Know When to Scale?

Scaling is a hot topic. Over the past several years, the Agile community has reacted...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Kanban, Scaling, Scrum

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Scale Agility

Many organizations without any Agile experience want to immediately jump right into a fully scaled...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Kanban, LeSS, Scaling, Scrum

Agile Scaling: Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions

Your organization implemented Agile practices and saw success in delivery speed, employee engagement and customer...

Agile, Agile at Scale, Scaling, Software Development

The Manifesto for Scaling Agility

At Excella, we believe that continuous learning and knowledge-sharing fuels innovative thinking. The company created...