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Agile Transformation | Product Backlog, Requirements, Scrum

Make Your User Stories Manageable Through Story Decomposition

We’ve all been there: sprint backlogs filled with large unwieldy epics, or maybe your team...

Digital Service Delivery | Culture, DevOps, Project Management

How to Create a DevOps Culture on Your Delivery Team

The benefits of adopting DevOps are numerous: shorter release cycles, swifter issue resolution, and faster...

Professional Development | Business Analysis, Product Management

What Does A Product Management Consultant Do?

Prospective clients will sometimes share with me that it seems counter intuitive to hire a...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Rise of the Machines? Four Considerations for the Machine Learning Hopeful

The machine learning sub-discipline of study in Artificial Intelligence has benefited from burgeoning attention in...

Modern Analytics | Dashboards, Tableau

Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Tableau Dashboard

When designing a dashboard in any business intelligence tool, performance is often the last requirement...

Digital Service Delivery | UI/UX, User Experience

GoodGovUX: Why Government Employees Should Care about UX

User experience (UX) is not just a passing trend. Good UX is essential for good...

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