Helping IT and Audit Work Better Together: The DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit

Many organizations want to adopt DevOps practices to get the benefits associated with it: faster time to market, increased stability and quality, and more time to build stuff that’s valuable to the bottom line. But they often get tripped up by audits and compliance checks to make sure the organization is adequately addressing risk. DevOps practices don’t align well with traditional audit practices. So these organizations are often left asking themselves, “How do I position my organization for an audit when I’m using DevOps practices?” Until recently, there hasn’t been a really good answer.


But that’s changing.


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Which JavaScript Test Library Should You Use? qUnit vs. Jasmine vs. Mocha

In JavaScript, unit testing is a topic that does not seem to be discussed as much as with other languages.  Because of this, Excella Consultant Kevin Groat conducted a comparative analysis of three major testing libraries: qUnit, Jasmine, and Mocha.  Among the factors he considered were: ease of setup, ease of use, extensibility for assertion libraries, CI support, and asynchronous testing support.

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5 Keys to a Successful Agile Transformation

Agile TransformationWhile aiming for a more nimble and responsive IT organization is a worthy goal, the road to an Agile transformation is often lined with potholes. Even if individual teams are going strong with Agile adoption, it’s especially common to lose momentum at the organizational level–usually because a true cultural change never took place.



How do you make sure your Agile transformation is sustained? Follow these rules for the greatest chance of lasting success.


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Developing in WordPress: Building the CMS Toolkit Plugin

WordPress CMS Toolkit Plugin

You don’t have to work in IT to know that WordPress is taking over the Internet. The open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) that is known for its flexible, easy-to-use features now powers an estimated over 20% of the web. Its universe of templates and tools to expand your site’s functionality – also known as plugins – is expanding every day, making WordPress a go-to choice for both developers and end-users (and brands love it, too!).


Recently Excella Senior Consultant Greg Boone developed a new WordPress plugin, called the Content Management System (CMS) Toolkit, with the power to help users create custom post types, taxonomies, and self-validating custom data forms with only a few lines of code.


The plugin seeks to further leverage the platform’s capabilities to transform it from a simple blog to a full CMS. We sat down with Greg to learn more about how the CMS Toolkit was developed and how WordPress developers can get the most out this new tool.

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Best IT Events for July

Best IT Events For July


Here are the IT events we are looking forward to attending this month around Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Hope to see you there!



Node.js Tools for Visual Studio and Azure Integration

Tuesday, July 8

6:30 PM – 9 PM

Arlington, VA


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What is Agile?

Agile is a mindset!


If you work in technology – or business in general – then you’ve probably heard or read the word Agile used daily to describe software development and management practices used by successful organizations.


But what is Agile really? Don’t feel badly if you are asking this question – it’s a great one! While Agile is becoming the norm for managing IT projects, there are still a lot of assumptions out there about what it is and how to get it right.


While we love it and live it every day, we thought it would be helpful to describe what Agile means, and the benefits, to anyone who might be new to the concept or in need of a refresher!

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Is Microsoft right for your business? Insights from Build 2014

Microsoft held its Build 2014 Conference last month in San Francisco. The annual conference for developers delivered a lot of meaningful changes to the Microsoft ecosystem of products and services. We attended the conference to learn how new and improved developer tools can be used to deliver meaningful solutions.


A lot went down at the conference—read on for our top 5 takeaways from Build 2014!

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How to Modernize Your .NET Software Dev Environment

In his recent article for DevPro Magazine, “Modernize Your .NET Software Development Environment,” Excellian Doguhan Uluca discussed pain points for organizations using .NET-based n-tier architectures.


In the second installment, he discusses how pairing tools such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web API, and BizTalk with an Agile/Scrum project methodology can help you build a lasting architecture that can sustain your business.


We may be biased, but we think it’s a great read!


Here’s where you can read what Doguhan has to share: